Animal Jam Den Portals: My Thoughts

So this morning I got on Animal Jam and discovered the new Forgotten Desert adventure, but another feature in today’s AJ update was something I forgot to mention: den portals. These new portals can be bought for either 1000 or 1500 gems at a shop in the Lost Temple of Zios, depending on whether you buy the wood or stone ones, respectively. I bought a blue stone archway, but it was too big, so I bought a purple wooden floor portal and gave the archway to my friend Amber Samson, who happens to be the same friend that played on Casual Vanilla and was the subject of my AJ prank.
Anyway, here’s my thoughts on the new den portals.
My first thought was, Wow, these are really cool! I was, thankfully, a member, thanks to my friend quitting – I’ll tell more about that in another post – so I saved up enough money to buy one and ended up with the stone archway. I connected it to Amber’s den and tested it out. Sure enough, it worked great, but then I thought, is this just another showy feature?
Come on, you know what I’m talking about. Things like diamond-bought dens, expensive music, and braided beards. Everyone tries to get them because they make them look rich, fashionable, and cool. I’m not criticizing Animal Jam – it would be boring with only practical things! – but the den portals aren’t the most functional of expensive things. Then again, a bright red portal sure does add exactly the right dramatic touch to a wolf-themed volcano den like mine…
Please share your thoughts on the den portals below! I absolutely love hearing from my readers!!

Summer ❤


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