Animal Jam: The Forgotten Desert

Hey, guys. I got on Animal Jam today to take a screenshot to use as my avatar and found that a new, eagles-only adventure had come out: The Forgotten Desert. It took me quite a while to find it, but here’s the directions: go to Adventure Base Camp and go down. There’s a sign with an eagle on it. Fly over the water straight in the direction the arrow’s pointing, and it’ll take you to the portal.
The landscape of this adventure reminded me instantly of Act II of Diablo III, which was a bit unpleasant given that that’s my least favorite part. I am all the more thankful that my friend quit Animal Jam now – I’ll tell that story in another post – and so, as my eagle, I joined a girl in Jamaa Township. My eagle, Miss Rockybelle, wasn’t even on level one, so I was glad to find that there’s no level requirement for this adventure. I finished it in fifteen minutes – surprise! – so now I’m writing this article. Does anyone have thoughts about this adventure or this post? If so, please post them in the comments below! I seriously love seeing comments on my posts, and I flipped out when I saw the comment on my Extreme Minecraft Sadness post.

Anyway, thanks for reading, you rock!!


P.S. If anyone has figured out the purple crystals in the Forgotten Desert yet, please tell me, as I am very, very stuck.



    1. Oh, that’s really helpful! My Animal Jam membership expired what must have been two years ago, and I haven’t played in about that long, so I probably won’t get a chance to use that, but hopefully others will. 🙂


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