Fiction Fridays #2: The AJ Story, Chapter 1

Here’s the Animal Jam inspired story I promised you. I still don’t know what on earth I should call it, so post your ideas in the comments below. Without further ado, here’s the story!


It all started one night, coming home from the Wolf Alpha’s palace.
Juniper Spiritbird, Flora Cottoncloud, and Lucky Shyclaws were on their way home from a reconnaissance mission to the outskirts of Jamaa. Juniper was walking quietly on the side of the road, Flora was thinking about what her next mission would be, and Lucky was jumping over puddles.
Lucky yawned loudly. “Well, that was a nice day,” she said, jaws still wide open. “I’m tired. When I get home, I’m gonna hit that couch so hard there’s gonna be stuffing in the toilet.” Juniper snorted. “I believe it.”
Flora ruffled Lucky’s golden fur with one paw. “We’re all tired,” she said. “I just hope no one will have to go on another mission too soon. I hope everything will be alright and Greely says we can stay home for a while.”
Greely was the wolves’ leader, also known as the Wolf Alpha. The wolves of Jamaa weren’t actually a pack; all the animals of Jamaa had an Alpha: the rabbits, the tigers, the foxes.
“I like missions,” said Lucky absently. “You get to kill things. That’s fun.” Even though Lucky was a genius warrior, her big sisters doubted that she really cared about protecting Jamaa. Of course, she cared about it, but that just wasn’t why she was so enthusiastic. She just felt good fighting. The other two weren’t as violent; Flora would fight if she had to, but Juniper was never a warrior. She’d had a bad history in war. Juniper was the brains, Lucky was the brawn, and Flora took care of them all.
Juniper sighed. “Lucky, we don’t go on missions to kill things. We go on missions because Greely wants us to, and because we need to keep the phantoms out.”
The phantoms were a race of ethereal creatures that lived outside Jamaa and were always trying to attack. They were led by the Phantom King, an evil aura of dark power who wanted nothing more than to destroy the Alphas and take Jamaa. Once, in the time when the Alphas were young, they almost succeeded, but the legendary warriors that now led Jamaa fought them back and saved the land.
They were almost home when they heard panting. “Wait,” hissed Flora. She listened more closely. It didn’t seem to be coming from anything threatening. In fact, it didn’t seem to be coming from anything at all.
“What’s that?” whispered Juniper, pointing at a small, wet, dirty object on the side of the road. “Stay back,” whispered Flora. “It could be dangerous.”
“That thing, dangerous?” scoffed Lucky. “Let me take a look!”
“Shh!” hissed Juniper.
Flora crouched low and walked close to the object. Her face was a mixture of surprise and pity. “Come here,” she called quietly. “It’s a pup.”
Juniper and Lucky ran over to their big sister. The tiny thing’s breath was coming in short gasps, and she was shivering as if she’d been stuck in a freezer. Juniper took off her cloak and wrapped the pup in it. “Oh, you poor thing,” she crooned, stroking the pup’s head. “Why are you out here alone, little one?”
The three took the tiny pup back to their cottage at top speed. They had her washed up and dried before she woke up. Her fur was a beautiful pearl pink with lavender patches. At last her eyes opened a fraction.
“Where am I?” she said in a tiny, sleepy voice. Flora gave her a gentle hug. “Hello, little one,” she said. “Are you okay?”
“I don’t remember,” she squeaked. Flora looked at her more closely. She had an awful lump on her head, like she’d fallen or hurt herself somehow. It was making her ears lie funny, so she looked a little strange. “I… how did I get here?”
“Amnesia,” said Juniper matter-of-factly. “Sometimes if someone’s hit on the head in just the right place, they’ll forget something, or everything.”
“Do you remember your name?” said Flora.
“Crashing Cutestar!” she squealed in an irresistibly cute voice. All three of the wolves’ eyes glowed at her voice, and Flora said, “Awww!”
“Well, Crashing, you can stay with us,” said Lucky. She ruffled the tiny pup’s ears.
“Of course,” said Flora. “Welcome to the team!” She chuckled.
“Crashing Cutestar,” mused Juniper. “Are you sure you don’t remember what happened?”
Crashing furrowed her brow. Her sky blue eyes glazed for a moment. “I remember something big and dark, with a real big eye. And it was sort of… floating.”
“Phantoms,” breathed Juniper. She gave Crashing a hug. “It’s okay now. You’re safe here, I promise.”
In no time, Crashing Cutestar was a regular member of the family. Even though she was a little weird-looking, with her short-ish tail and funny-lying ears, she was treated just like one of the sisters, and they all loved her very much. One day Juniper came back from the yard, flicking through that day’s mail.
“Hey, Flora, you got something.” She looked at the return address. “It’s from Greely.”
Flora grabbed it and opened it, smiling a little. She liked Greely a lot, and even though he was not even close to her equal – he was an immortal Alpha, for goodness’ sake – he had always been like a father to her.
“It’s about Crashing,” she said. “There’s going to be a banquet and a ceremony, welcoming her as a wolf of Jamaa.”
“She hasn’t been accepted already?” said Juniper in some surprise. “She’s got to be nearly six. Are you sure?”
“Positive,” said Flora. “That’s what – ”
“Banquet?” said Lucky in a muffled voice. Her mouth was full of bacon. Her two older sisters ignored her and kept reading.
“Tomorrow at six o’ clock,” read Flora. She raised her voice to talk to Crashing, who was slightly father away. “Crashing! Tomorrow Greely’s gonna have a party for you!”
Flora remembered her own welcoming ceremony. She was three years old at the time, about four years before the phantoms destroyed her village. Her jaw tightened at the memory. The banquet was a little old-fashioned, looking back on it, but then it was nearly eighteen years ago.
“I can’t wait!” squealed Crashing, bouncing around in tiny circles in the living room.
Juniper chuckled and leaned back in her chair. “I hope she never grows up.”


Thanks so much for reading! I know it’s a bit long, but I originally typed it out in Microsoft Word, so it’s formatted better for that. Any feedback is appreciated, and I really love seeing comments at the bottom of my posts. I’ll be posting Chapter 2 next Friday.
Until next post,

❤ Summer ❤


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