Animal Jam: Hyenas are Coming!

Hey, guys! You’ve probably all seen the new video in the Jamaa Journal about the upcoming animal, the hyenas. I am optimistic about their price. Since the last animal with a video was the deer, and they are only a thousand gems and not ten diamonds, the hyenas will probably be the same.
I like the hyenas’ hairstyle. I did this on purpose with my deer, Daredevil Fierypride, who, hint hint, will be included in the AJ Story 2. Yes, I’m writing that already.
Anyway, to the point. I like the way hyenas look. They have prominent shoulders like a wolf, which is probably going to make wings and some blankets look really awkward on them. I don’t really care, since my wolf, Juniper Spiritbird, walks around with an old hood and old blanket full-time. It actually looks really good. I’ll include pictures of her and Daredevil at the end.
I can already tell there’s going to be an adventure with hyenas in it: probably not a hyenas-only one, but one with a hyenas-only hatch. By the way, did you know that the Hive has an elephants-only hatch on hard mode??
Overall, I definitely want a hyena. According to the calendar at Jammer Central in Jamaa Township, they’re coming to Jamaa on May 29th, 2014. That’s in eight days!

Thanks for reading, I’m glad you took time to read my opinion!

Summer 🙂

P.S. Here are those pics of my characters I promised.



Oh yes, I have a pet cheetah. Jealous, aren’t you? XD


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