Minecraft Server Spotlight: Sabotage

Hey, guys! I decided I’d feature a Minecraft server every once in a while, just for fun. Today’s spotlight is the Sabotage server. The server address is mc-sabotage.com. There are two sides in the game: the good guys and the bad guys. For every game, there are four saboteurs, one detective, and the rest are innocents. The detective and the innocents are the good guys. The saboteurs have to kill the detective and innocents and vice versa. The innocents don’t know who’s who except the detective, but the saboteurs can see who everyone is. It’s a pretty cool game, and it’s definitely worth your game time.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the server!

Summer XD

P.S. In the picture, I’m the black-haired girl in the blue jacket.


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