Animal Jam: Awesome Day

Hey, guys.  Since I post a lot of stuff about Animal Jam, I figured I ought to post about this.  This is all thanks to the Forgotten Desert, which I guess is all thanks to Annabelle’s brother.  Read the full story here.

So I was playing AJ with Amber over the phone.  We were both gloating over our last success with the adventure, which included the acquirement of a rare beard.  We do that adventure a lot now for the rares.

Anyway, we had already got a designer skirt and heart earmuffs so we weren’t sure that the adventure was going to yield anything useful.  Then we found all of the blue crystals, and got an arctic hood.  My hopes were lifting.  With barely two minutes left, we found the last silver crystals and got a rare spiked collar.  I was thrilled.  We continued to gloat over our success.

The next day was the awesome one.  Someone traded me another spike, plus a worn blanket and a rare pumpkin head, for my existing spike.  I said yes instantly.  I then traded my new spike – it was a wristband – for a rare headdress and they accepted.  I promptly received a long stream of jam-a-grams and trades, including four rapid-fire “WHOA”s from Amber.  Even though I lost both of my spikes, it turned out to be worth it.

Thanks for reading!

Summer 🙂

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