Minecraft Snapshot 14w21b: My Thoughts

Hey, guys!! Today I’ll be talking about the current preview of the next Minecraft update, otherwise known as a snapshot. I’ll be talking about the ups and downs of this preview, as well as what I think about the next update.
First of all, there are six new blocks to build with: diorite, andesite, granite, and polished versions of each of these. 2014-06-02_09.47.32
Granite is going to be very good for building houses, as it looks like a kitchen floor or counter. The other two could probably save the same purpose. They can be found in random places with stone, a little like coal ore, but mostly on the surface and in the water.
There’s also another new block under “decorations”: the slime block. 2014-06-02_09.47.09
It looks really cool, and I love the purpose it serves: it’s like a trampoline; it bounces everything that lands on it. I bet if you built a giant room out of slime blocks it would be like a trampoline room. Whoa…
And here’s my favorite feature of the snapshot: 1.8 skins are now fully functional! Skins can now have different arms and legs and a 3D “hat” layer over the whole body. My skin creator only supports the 1.8 format, so this is a big relief. Both Amber’s and my skins are 1.8 format, so I really can’t wait until 1.8 comes out officially so we can use them in multiplayer.
Overall, I think this is a great addition to the world of Minecraft. I absolutely love the new skin format, and the new blocks are cool, too.
Thanks for reading, I appreciate it a lot!!

Summer 🙂

UPDATE: One of my readers noted in the comments that not only are there new blocks and skin formats, but there’s also a new set of commands – I won’t go into detail about that – but villagers can also plant and harvest crops.2014-06-04_09.59.31
Funny how, with their big eyebrows and crossed arms, they look like they’re plotting your death.



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