Animal Jam: The Story of Cami’s Frog

Hey, guys!  Flora called me earlier and told me that she’d acquired two new rares:  a rare arctic hood and the Cami’s frog den item.  

I had heard of this, and seen it once or twice, but I didn’t know there’s a very real story behind Cami’s frog.  She told me there was a sad story behind it, so I looked it up on the famous Animal Jam blog, Snowyclaw.  

Cami is one of the AJ developer’s daughters.  She was diagnosed with leukemia, a kind of blood cancer.  Before she was even born, her father, a developer in SmartBomb, which did the animations for AJ, bought her a stuffed frog.  Later, when he did Animal Jam, he coded it into the beta version.  I thought this story was really sweet, and now everybody knows Cami’s story.  

These items are also extremely rare, and you are very lucky if you own one.  I have only seen about three ever.

Thanks for reading!!

Summer 🙂


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