Minecraft: Fun with /summon

Hey, guys! Today I’ll be exploring my favorite Minecraft command: /summon.
First of all, we have to have somewhere to fit our really long commands. Go to singleplayer and do /give @p minecraft:command_block. You’ll get a peach-ish block with buttons on it. Right click it, and you’re ready to start writing commands.
Let’s start out with something simple.
/summon Chicken ~ ~ ~
You’ll get a chicken.
But what if you want a chicken named Eddy?
/summon Chicken ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:”Eddy”}
The little ~ ~ ~ shows the coordinates. Replace them with numbers and you’ll summon something at those coordinates.
/summon Chicken 2 3 77
You’ll get a chicken at the coordinates 2, 3, 77. You can also use the coordinate settings to show how far you want it to be summoned from you.
/summon Chicken ~ ~3 ~ {CustomName:”Summer’s pet”}
You’ll spawn a chicken three blocks above you named Summer’s pet. You can replace “Summer” with your name, if you want.
Now let’s get a chicken named Eddy riding a pig six blocks above you.
/summon Chicken ~ ~6 ~ {CustomName:”Eddy”,Riding:{id:Pig}}
Always put your riding ID in separate brackets. Otherwise, it won’t work.
Now let’s see what happens if we stack lots of chickens.
/summon Chicken ~ ~1 ~ {Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Chicken}}}}}
You’ll get a big stack of chickens. I did this with zombies once, except there were about 15 zombies in the stack.
With things that vary in size, like slime cubes, you can change the size. NEVER make it too big, or it will crash your computer and possibly bust your Minecraft. I did one of these one time, and my computer overheated instantly. The normal slime size is about 5, and this baby was about 2000. Don’t do that. Please.
/summon Slime ~ ~ ~ {Size:10}
You’ll end up with a nice big slime. I don’t recommend going higher than 25 with the size unless you have a really beefy computer.
/summon Slime ~ ~ ~ {Size:1}
This slime is so tiny and has so little health that it may die when it jumps.
I’ve found that slimes are VERY fun to stack:
/summon Slime ~ ~ ~ {Size:3,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:4,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:5,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:6,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:7,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:8,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:9}}}}}}}
There’s a big stack of slimes for you.
There are TONS more of settings: time, fuse, and lots of other things, but we’ll stick with the ones that make them look really cool.
Here’s something fun to do: since chickens fall slowly, lots of them stuck together look like UFOs, especially with creepers, which look a little bit like aliens. Here’s how to make a UFO with chickens and a creeper.
/summon Creeper ~ ~30 ~ {Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Chicken}}}}}}}}}}}
Typing the right number of brackets is sometimes difficult, but it’s necessary, as is capitalization, so I recommend getting to know it.

Thanks for reading! I hope this was fun and educational!

Summer 😀


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