Minecraft Skin Showcase (plus usable versions!)

Hey, guys! I have a lot of skins that I’ve made just for kicks, and in case I ever get a Planet Minecraft account, but I’ll probably never use any of them, so I figured I’d put them out here for you to use if you ever need a change of style.
Here’s how to change your skin. Go to minecraft.net. Click on the button at the top that says “profile”. It may ask you to log in. Once you’ve logged in, click “choose file” and click the jumbled-up, tiny version of the skin you want to use. Click “change” and you’ve changed your skin!
I use 1.8 skins, but these will work without the snapshot, too. You might just have to wear some armor over them to hide the lack of detail without the second layer.
If you can’t figure out how to download it from the picture on the blog, right click it and click “save image”.

Here’s a human version of Sparkle Wingedlily from the AJ Story in her gardening outfit.
And here’s the download version.

This one is a random chick with neon green hair. I was testing shading, and neon green was the first color I hit on the slider.
There’s jumbled-up neon green haired girl.

This one’s a girl that looks ready to sit down and play Minecraft. I did a different hairstyle on this one, rather than the swept bangs that is the most popular style.
Downloadable version:

And the download:

A guy I made in an airplane flight. I used noise shading because it looked a little more masculine.
And here’s the download.

I probably have some more somewhere, but I do these on an app on my phone and so they get saved to my phone, and I dumped everything from my phone onto a storage USB thing. I was trying to download Rift – which didn’t work, by the way – and my iPhone storage was taking up no less that 18 gigabytes. I had enough room for a few Rifts after that.

Anyway, thanks for reading! I hope you like my skins!

Summer 😛

UPDATE: A lot of these are posted on my Planet Minecraft account. It’s probably a whole lot easier to download them there.

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