Minecraft: RUMOR SQUASH!!

Hey, guys.  I posted a little bit about this rumor – well, just the fact of its existence, I guess – in my post The Top 5 Most Useless Items in Minecraft.  Yep, the fact that sponge can appear naturally underwater.

My main reason for this is that I’ve been playing Minecraft for well over a year and I’ve never seen underwater sponge in my life.  Besides, in some servers or older versions, it would soak up all the water around it, and that would look pretty dumb in maps.  There are no naturally occurring sponges in Minecraft, period.  I don’t really see the point of it, personally, since it no longer soaks up water – if it did, it would be useful for creative mapmakers, in case they needed to get rid of a whole lot of water somewhere.

I know this is a pretty weak argument for my point, but there are probably hundreds more that agree with me.  Once doesn’t make a pattern; several servers full of gamers that are positive that sponge doesn’t appear underwater in Minecraft does.



I consider this rumor SQUASHED.  If you have any better evidence, I’d appreciate hearing it in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Summer 😛

UPDATE: In the 1.8 snapshot, sponges spawn underwater in underwater temples. I would have deleted this post since it’s pretty much nonsense now, but the ripples from a deleted post are very annoying ripples indeed.


  1. Sponges where re-added to Minecraft in recent snapshot, now there are two types of them and they spawn naturally on Ocean Temples.


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