Day: July 7, 2014

The Chronicles of Steve, Chapter 1

Hey, guys! I had an idea for a Minecraft-inspired short story earlier this morning and decided to put it here. The name pretty much shows what it’s going to be like – the story of Steve. Good old Steve.


Steve woke up in the middle of nowhere. Around him, a grassy plain stretched in all directions, although he could see forested mountains in the distance. A herd of wild cows grazed to his right.
Steve wasn’t worried, somehow. He knew nothing about the land that he’d appeared in, but he knew he could survive, even though it might hold dangers he had yet to see.
I guess I’m going to need a house, he thought. He started off to the mountains. When he arrived, he found a large tree and took some of the branches off. He then made them into wooden planks. Steve was very proud of himself. He was sure that he was the only person that could make them into such nice-looking planks.
He then built his first small house. It was getting dark outside, and Steve felt an inexplicable need to stay inside at night. No camping today, he thought. There was a danger lurking in the darkness.
He had just finished putting the last planks in the ceiling when he heard a hissing noise. His head whipped around. A huge green monster stood in the doorway, frowning at him evilly. And it was getting bigger.
He yelled as the thing exploded, sending him flying backwards. His head hit the edge of the crafting table in the corner, and everything went black.