Day: July 18, 2014

Animal Jam: In Too Deep

Hey, guys. I noticed a few days ago that there’s a new adventure on AJ: an underwater adventure called In Too Deep. If you play Animal Jam, you’ve probably already done it if you’re a member, but I only just did it this morning. Like, two minutes ago.
I thought that the whale in the top hat was adorable. I know, off topic, but I liked the whale. Thumbs up for the 200-ton aquatic mammal, AJHQ.
This is an adventure with a really confusing map. I thought Bubble Trouble was claustrophobic, but this one was insane. I had to enlarge the map to get out of the very first part. The phantom-spitting pipes weren’t helping at all. If you’re stuck, the way out and back to the sharks is the middle passage on the left side.
Amber and I both agreed that the factory conductor phantom was way too cute for a phantom. His little hat cracked me up. Unfortunately, the army of phantoms that tried to attack while I was hitting the machine’s OFF button wasn’t nearly as cute. Amber is much more of a fighter than I am; I just run away really fast and try to lose them.
The best surprise was at the end: the DOLPHIN ALPHA!! Okay, it didn’t sit down and say that it was an Alpha, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Tavie the Dolphin Alpha is trapped at the bottom of the phantoms’ headquarters, and my guess is that the next adventures are going to focus on rescuing Alphas. Which is fine with me. I just want to see Peck and Sir Gilbert in one of them!!

Thanks for reading!!

Summer 😀

Fiction Fridays #11: The AJ Story, Chapter 10

Hey, guys!! Here’s Chapter 10 of my story!! I hope you like it!!

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It’s getting very hard to write the chapters out.


“GREELY!” screamed Flora again. This time no one tried to stop her, and all the eyes in the room, friendly or not, were instantly on her.
“Flora!” Greely shouted. The flames were climbing higher, and he tried to pull his rear paws up to avoid them.
“ANIMALS!” bellowed Sir Gilbert so loudly that a few of the weaker phantoms looked dazed. Lucky suddenly realized how horrible it must have been to face the massive tiger in battle. “ATTACK!”
Flora ran frantically toward Greely as her companions attacked the phantoms with everything they had. She went to the back of the pole, behind where the torch have been thrown, and used an arrow-tip to saw through the ropes binding the huge wolf to the pole.
“Greely, it’s me,” sobbed Flora. “Hold on!”
Flora was fast, but not fast enough. The last rope slipped to the floor just as the flame hit the pole. Greely fell onto all fours, but the top edge of the fire hit his back paw just as he bounded off.
“Greely, are you okay?” said Flora anxiously.
“I’m fine,” said Greely. He paused for a moment, then embraced her so tightly it would have hurt if she hadn’t been enjoying it so much. “You saved me,” he whispered.
She smiled a little. “I know,” she said back. Then she drew away. “We have to help Lucky and the others.”
“Let’s show those phantoms who’s really the warrior,” he replied, his amber eyes twinkling.
Greely, perhaps, fought harder than all the rest despite his burned paw. The others in the party, except Sir Gilbert, who merely grinned, whooped and shouted when they saw that Greely was free.
“We can go now,” shouted Flora.
“Where’s the fun in that?” said Lucky through gritted teeth. “I wanna – ”
“Retreat, animals,” called Flora before Lucky could continue. “We have what we came for. Fall back!”
They all ran out the door before the swarm of phantoms had enough time to follow them. Sir Gilbert heaved a boulder from the wall and put it in front of the door.
“The door opens outwards,” he grunted. “That should keep ‘em.”
Greely walked in silence with them up two floors, staring at his paws. Then he looked up.
“Thank you for saving me,” he growled to the three girls behind him. Sir Gilbert took no notice. “And you…” The big tiger looked around cockily. Greely gave him a withering look.
“I appreciate it,” he said finally.
“We have to get Peck,” said Flora to break the tension between the two huge warriors at the front of the group.
“What happened to Peck?” said Greely.
“Erm – we’re not sure,” said Flora. “There was a sweeper, and – ”
“The phantom searcher,” said Greely immediately. “Designed to keep intruders out of the bottom levels of the dungeons and to make them vulnerable so they can be caught.” An awkward silence followed his words.
“There she is,” said Flora. Her small form was tucked under the overhang of a boulder, still sleeping away. Greely picked her up, surprisingly gently, by the scruff of her neck and began to carry her.
“We can go now,” said Ruby, with something like wonder.
“You glad?” said Flora.
“No,” answered the rhino. “I just didn’t expect it to go by that fast.”
Juniper shivered as she walked up and down the border between Sarepia Forest and the wilderness. The familiar wood on one side clashed with the similar, yet somehow unfriendly forest on the other. Usually Juniper didn’t mind the eerie sounds of the forest, but in this unfamiliar territory it just sounded sinister. She pulled up short when she heard a hard rustling noise from the alien side of the forest.
“H – hello?” she said, trying and failing to sound brave. A small animal ran out and disappeared into Sarepia Forest. Juniper relaxed. It was just a lesser animal; one of the animals Zios had not granted with the intelligence that the inhabitants of Jamaa had.
Juniper was having a bad day already. Through the trees, she watched the sun clear the horizon as she nervously paced back and forth the Sarepia boundary. Juniper was a bit nervous and un-warrior-like at the best of times, but here, with a supposed invasion on the way, she was beside herself. Keeping her small dagger clutched tightly in her paws, she looked warily through the trees, eyes out for a glimpse of a dark tentacle or bright, malicious eye.
Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a dark shape slide from the wilderness into Sarepia Forest and felt her fur bristle. Her dagger clutched in her jaws, she raced after the shape that had just disappeared into the peaceful wood. Luckily, she reached it and got close enough to stab the knife through its back. It disintegrated into goop and splashed all over the ground.
She turned back in horror and gasped. It wasn’t alone. Dozens of the creatures were streaming over the border, speeding into the forest of her home and bringing with them a sense of darkness and fear.
“Stop!” cried Juniper, and instantly regretted her naïve mistake. One of the largest phantoms came soaring toward her. When she raised her small weapon, he batted her paw aside effortlessly and knocked her to the ground.
Juniper felt the tentacle collide with the back of her head, and her vision went black.


Thanks for reading! I hope you like my story as much as I had fun writing it!!

Summer 🙂