Animal Jam: In Too Deep

Hey, guys. I noticed a few days ago that there’s a new adventure on AJ: an underwater adventure called In Too Deep. If you play Animal Jam, you’ve probably already done it if you’re a member, but I only just did it this morning. Like, two minutes ago.
I thought that the whale in the top hat was adorable. I know, off topic, but I liked the whale. Thumbs up for the 200-ton aquatic mammal, AJHQ.
This is an adventure with a really confusing map. I thought Bubble Trouble was claustrophobic, but this one was insane. I had to enlarge the map to get out of the very first part. The phantom-spitting pipes weren’t helping at all. If you’re stuck, the way out and back to the sharks is the middle passage on the left side.
Amber and I both agreed that the factory conductor phantom was way too cute for a phantom. His little hat cracked me up. Unfortunately, the army of phantoms that tried to attack while I was hitting the machine’s OFF button wasn’t nearly as cute. Amber is much more of a fighter than I am; I just run away really fast and try to lose them.
The best surprise was at the end: the DOLPHIN ALPHA!! Okay, it didn’t sit down and say that it was an Alpha, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Tavie the Dolphin Alpha is trapped at the bottom of the phantoms’ headquarters, and my guess is that the next adventures are going to focus on rescuing Alphas. Which is fine with me. I just want to see Peck and Sir Gilbert in one of them!!

Thanks for reading!!

Summer 😀


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