Suggest a post here!

Would you like to see a blog post or Fiction Friday story about a certain topic or idea? Then submit your ideas here! You can ask questions (e.g., you ask something like “can you tell me how to complete the tutorial world for Defiants on RIFT?” and I write a post about it to answer), you can give Fiction Friday writing prompts (e.g., “write a story about the adventures of a stray dog in Tennesee”), or suggest a post topic (e.g., “you should review the movie Mad Max!”).

Keep in mind that I won’t be able to do EVERY post you suggest, but I’ll try to get around to every post that y’all want me to do. This is only the case if I get TOO MANY post ideas, which isn’t likely to happen. So fire away!

In the comments, tell me anything related to the idea of my blog that you want me to post about, and I’ll see if I can do it! :^)


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