Sky-Daughter (NaNoWriMo) – Support a Fellow Young Writer

Hey, guys, and thanks for reading Tween Fiction Girl! Today’s post is going to be a unique one, because I’ve never done a book review/human interest combo post. It’s going to be a book review, sort of, but you’ll also need a bit of backstory.

Remember last year, when I did NaNoWriMo? I wrote a book called The Juniper Tree that will never be published because I didn’t like it, but I also came across my fellow young writer Lily Sowell. I read the excerpt of her story on her NaNoWriMo account page, and we got to talking.
It turns out that her book went a lot further than mine. While mine remained an unfinished idea, she went on to publish hers on CreateSpace. I own a copy of it, and I have to say, for a twelve-year-old author, this was a stellar read.

And now for the review bit of the book review.

The book’s title, as you may have surmised from both the headline and URL of this page, is Sky-Daughter. (It sounds a bit ambiguous out of context, but it makes more sense once you read the story.) To give a simple summary, it’s a fantasy story, centered around three young women by the names of Ayanna, Gwynn, and Oriel, set in a place called Ajeda in a time during a long, hard war. (Actually, the e in Ajeda has an accent mark over it, but I can’t figure out how to make it on my computer.)

It’s not an adult book, but that’s understandable. It was written by a 12-year-old for a 12-year-old reading level. I’d recommend the story itself for an age group of about 8 to 14; it’s not too complex and not at all inappropriate, but it’s compelling enough to attract the attention of an older reader, too. I mean, even my mom enjoyed it, and, when it comes to books, she’s hard to interest.

The author’s writing style is brisk and dialogue-oriented, which leaves a lot about the details of the setting to the imagination. I like descriptions, frankly, but even more, I dislike lengthy and tedious descriptions, so I didn’t find this much of a setback. The writing flows, with understandable characters (which is definitely a plus, especially in stories written by younger individuals) and easy, casual dialogue. I made note of the fact that a good portion of the main characters are female. As it was written by a girl, it’s written for girls, even if that particular facet was unintentional; as I myself am an almost-teen girl, this didn’t bother me, but, despite the fact that this book is set in a war, I don’t recommend it for boys looking for a nitty-gritty action story.

A heads-up for anyone looking to purchase the book: it’s NOT flawless. No book is. It has as many flukes as anything I’ve ever written, I’ll admit, such as an accidental g tacked onto the word tightly in the last chapter in the book, or an extra “that night” in a sentence on the first page. As a whole, though, I’d recommend this to young readers who’d like to try out something a little different from the rest of the young adult fiction stories.

For a fun and fast-paced plot, memorable characters, and an interesting origin (how many 12-year-olds do you ever see publishing books?), but taking points off for a couple of grammatical errors and other small flukes, I give Sky-Daughter four stars out of five.

I don’t usually do this with my reviews, but since this book can currently only be bought in two places in the known world, here are the links to Sowell’s outlets.
Sky-Daughter at
Sky-Daughter at (by Amazon)

UPDATE:  Sowell released another edition of the book; she fixed the aforementioned typos.  (The webpage still says 1st Edition, but the interior of the book says 2nd).

Anyway, thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful to you.

~ Summer

Animal Jam news!!

Hey, guys!!  Today I’ll be talking about the big update on Animal Jam that happened a few days ago!  There’s a lot of stuff, so I’ll cover it in several “articles”.

Turning the tide!!  There’s a new adventure in Jamaa, and it’s super fun!  I haven’t actually finished it yet, since Amber and I got stopped, but what I did of it was awesome and I’m really looking forward to finishing it.

Otters are coming!!  Yep, the clues were right:  an adorable new animal, the Otter, is coming to Jamaa.  I get the feeling a lot of clothes will look nice on them, and I’m hoping they’re either non-member or not in the Diamond Shop.  That would help me a lot.  Also, there’s a really cute video of them, called “Otterly Fun”.  Did you know that real otters, when in pairs, hold hands when they’re sleeping so that they don’t drift away from each other?

The ICE CREAM PARLOR den is the winner!  This is the den I voted for originally, so I’m pretty excited.  My den inventory is full and I’m pretty much broke, so I haven’t bought anything yet, but I can’t wait to!  Tell me in the comments which one you voted for.

AJHQ released an AJ BOOK!  AJHQ wrote a guide to Animal Jam.  I personally think that they shouldn’t have until later, since they’re going to keep updating it, but it’s pretty cool anyway.  I’m probably not getting it – naw, I know too much about it already, heheh – but it’s a nice addition to the game.

Also, all pets are on sale for Adoption Week.  Hooray, it includes the diamond pets, which means that I’ll be buying something with this Tuesday’s diamond!!  Also, the dens have a preview button, but that’s not a big thing.

Thanks for reading!  Sorry I haven’t posted in so long!!!

Summer 🙂

Animal Jam News!

Hey, guys! Today I’ll be talking about the new stuff that appeared on Animal Jam today. There’s quite a bit of it, so I’ll start from the beginning.

Pet rhinos!! Super cute new diamond shop pets have been released. They, like all other pets, can be bought for 3 diamonds and have a variety of cute accessories and patterns.
A new animal will be coming to Jamaa!! If any of you can’t find the clue, look in the top left corner of the paper on each page. There are five letters that spell the word OTTER. I can’t wait for them to come out!!
A new accessory has come out: the ribbon scarf. Congratulations to whoever came up with this idea!! I would absolutely die if my idea got picked. Frankly, I don’t even remember what it was.
AJHQ has released an AJ book guide. I think this is a super good idea, having a whole AJ “tour guide” right there in a book. Who knows, maybe there’s even something you don’t know.
A new den item set is coming! You can vote for one of three sets: the ice cream parlor, the hair salon, or the Egyptian treasure. I love the historical theme of the Egyptian one, but I absolutely loved the detail of the ice cream parlor. I voted for the latter.
In Too Deep is now available in hard mode. This is one hard adventure that I will NOT be trying out. 😛
Also, new videos in the three theaters will now be released daily. This isn’t big news for me, as I don’t watch them very often, but it’s news nevertheless.
This wasn’t in the Jamaa Journal, but they changed the load screen images. It brings a fresh wave of nostalgia every time I look at them. Oh, AJ, you have come so far.

Thanks for reading! 🙂
Summer ❤

Animal Jam: In Too Deep

Hey, guys. I noticed a few days ago that there’s a new adventure on AJ: an underwater adventure called In Too Deep. If you play Animal Jam, you’ve probably already done it if you’re a member, but I only just did it this morning. Like, two minutes ago.
I thought that the whale in the top hat was adorable. I know, off topic, but I liked the whale. Thumbs up for the 200-ton aquatic mammal, AJHQ.
This is an adventure with a really confusing map. I thought Bubble Trouble was claustrophobic, but this one was insane. I had to enlarge the map to get out of the very first part. The phantom-spitting pipes weren’t helping at all. If you’re stuck, the way out and back to the sharks is the middle passage on the left side.
Amber and I both agreed that the factory conductor phantom was way too cute for a phantom. His little hat cracked me up. Unfortunately, the army of phantoms that tried to attack while I was hitting the machine’s OFF button wasn’t nearly as cute. Amber is much more of a fighter than I am; I just run away really fast and try to lose them.
The best surprise was at the end: the DOLPHIN ALPHA!! Okay, it didn’t sit down and say that it was an Alpha, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Tavie the Dolphin Alpha is trapped at the bottom of the phantoms’ headquarters, and my guess is that the next adventures are going to focus on rescuing Alphas. Which is fine with me. I just want to see Peck and Sir Gilbert in one of them!!

Thanks for reading!!

Summer 😀

Animal Jam: Stuff Update!!

Hey, guys. I was going to give this post a cooler-sounding title, but I honestly didn’t know what to call it other than a Stuff Update. News Update? Possibly. You can call it whatever you want to.
Anyway, the update. Pet giraffes are here! These little guys are really cute, and when I clicked on them at the Diamond Shop, I got a seriously adorable one that I would actually use. petgiraffesforblog
Also, AJHQ introduced an awesome new den: the crystal palace. It’s enormous. There’s the main house part, which is four stories, plus a giant yard, an underground crystalline cave, and a harbor. Frankly, I’m tempted to buy it, even though I’m saving up my diamonds for an arctic wolf. I think I’m going to do it. Breathe, Summer.
The lions have gone. I’m not too worried about this, since I already have the lion unlocked, but for those of you saving up, sorry you missed your deadline.
The freedom party is here! I’m slightly disappointed, seeing that my fireworks are no longer rare, but it’s also a good opportunity to buy ones in different colors and shapes. The freedom animal hats are back too. Whew. Now I can recycle bunny hats without feeling like I’m destroying something valuable.
There’s now an underwater Adventure Base Camp portal in Bahari Bay, and the underwater adventure Bubble Trouble can be played in hard mode. I may just have to test this later.
The rhinos are coming back!!! I’m extremely excited by this, because I had estimated that the rhinos would be back in March and they’re still gone. They’ve been gone since last June. Really, AJHQ.
Well, that’s all the big stuff. I might also mention that Epic Wonders is having a sale, but that’s not as interesting as the rest, although it does mean that I could get some really cheap outfits. Hmmm…

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it all!!

Summer 🙂