Meet Screwy Thing

I was messing with some craft supplies while on the phone with Amber a couple of days ago. I somehow managed to get the staple puller literally stuck in the piece of foam, so I did some “experimenting” with sequins and puffballs and the like. This monstrosity came out.


The apocalypse may be upon us. What foul creature have I created? For now it is contained, but I cannot say what will happen if it gets loose into the world. Be on your guard, for Screwy Thing is watching you.

Lol, not really. Amber only nicknamed it Screwy Thing because it was so ugly and actually (for the most part) unintentional. But still. xD

~ Summer 🙂

Amber’s Blog!!

Hey, guys!! After a little mess-up with the email address, Amber has finally made a blog!! We’re currently working on an Animal Jam adventure marathon, so there’s only one post so far, but please follow this blog for future reference:
Thanks for checking it out!!

Minecraft Faction Needs Help!!

The Minecraft faction I started for my followers is experiencing some issues. Our base has been raided twice and all our stuff was stolen. Thankfully, Amber and I set up base in an unclaimed town far away from the raided base, so we will quite possibly be moving. We could use some extra hands in building our town. Get on the factions server of and ask for Myra_Magnificent in order to join. I appreciate it a lot!!