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Last Day of Summer Break FUN POST!!

Hey, guys. Today’s my last day of summer vacation, which means that tomorrow is the first day of school. I’m not too excited about this, as you can probably guess. So today, I decided to do a SUPER COOL post about… everything I put on this blog!!
Yup. I’m going to do gaming, a review, a picture, and a story ALL IN ONE POST. Everything’s going to be a little short, since it has to fit in one blog post, but it’ll be great!!

~Movie Reviews: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes~
I think this is still showing in theaters. I saw it a while ago but never got around to reviewing it!! Anyway, here it is.
This movie is a modern prequel to the 1960’s Planet of the Apes series and a sequel to the 2012 Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I went with Flora and my dad, since my mom was convinced that it is the cheesiest movie series on earth and that, even though this had 2014 animation, it was going to be just as stupid as the 60’s version. True, the costumes in the old movies looked like they came out of a Halloween costume store, but this movie was nothing like its predecessors.
First of all, the animation was ten times better. The characters actually looked like apes and not people in ape suits. The music was also a whole lot less dramatic, if there was any at all. Overall, it was much better done than the old ones.
It wasn’t quite as action-packed as I expected. Sure, there was lots of fighting and war and destruction and stuff, but the dialogue was slow in places and it was more of a drama than a real thriller movie.
Sorry this review is a little short, but I have to make it all fit in one post without it being ten times as long as a normal post. For cool animation, good actors, but a slightly weird story, I give Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 3.9 stars. If you didn’t like the other ones, don’t see it, but it’s really much better than the other ones. I recommend this for kids 10 and up. The reason is best stated by my little sister: she didn’t go see it because “I don’t want to watch that creepy ape movie”.

~Fiction: Among the Clouds, Part 3~
Alright, this one, finally!! A bunch of people said that they like this story, but it wasn’t catching my attention as much as my other stories. I figured it would be good for a short story feature, though, so here it is!!

Mallory’s eyes widened. Invaded?! She’d only lived there for about a month and the land was already in danger. She wished she could have a normal life for at least six months! She decided that she would try to fight back. She’d give whatever she had to to save her new home, even if it meant fighting her old people.
But how? She wasn’t even supposed to know. She’d been eavesdropping on the Queen, and how was she going to help if she couldn’t admit it? It would be kind of stupid to walk up to the ruler of Skyland and say, “Hey, Your Highness, I was kind of listening in on your private conversation, but it’s all cool now, and now you ought to let me help you with whatever you’re doing?” It wasn’t going to be that easy. She would have to take a more unconventional approach.
Quietly, she walked toward the door, humming casually as if she hadn’t been paying any attention to the regal conversation at the table. Once she was outside, she took off as fast as she could to the edge of Skyland. She had to find a plane.
She was halfway to her destination when she heard the quiet whuff-whuff-whuff of wings. Turning around to see who – or what – it was, she was met by the glare of another winged person.
“Just what do you think you’re doing?” she said angrily. “I saw you listening to the queen, and I am this close to turning you in right now.”
It was Breeze.

~Gaming: How To Make The Most Efficient Minecraft Farm~
Lots of people – including me, at one point – don’t use the best farming technique. You might put your wheat next to a lake, river, or ocean. You might build strips of water and dirt like in a village. You might do some crazy wacko thing that I’ve never even seen before.
But there’s one farm that gives you TONS of dirt space, plus only uses 1 water for every 9×9 square. It’s super simple to make, and I don’t want to clog this post up with a bunch of pictures, so I’ll put it in text. It’ll still be easy to make.
Step 1: Make a 3×3 square of dirt with the center block empty. It should look like a square donut.
Step 2: Put water in the hole.
Step 3: Put 2 blocks coming out from the center of each side of the donut. There should be 3 blocks coming from the water.
Step 4: Connect each line around the corner, making a 9×9 square with the water at the center.
Step 5: Hoe all the dirt, and you’re finished!!
It really works and only uses that much water. If you stick a bunch of them together, you can get TONS of farmland with only a few buckets of water!!

~Picture: My Beautiful Fingernails!!~
I did them myself!! I actually never used the brush: my tools were a bobby pin, a pinhead, a straw, and a toothpick. Unfortunately, I only did my left hand, since if I did my right I’d have to paint with my left hand and I’m right-handed.


Thanks for reading! Also, a small update on my posting schedule: I’ll try to post at least five times a week, but I can’t post anything on Tuesday, so don’t expect anything then.

Summer 😀