Amber’s Blog!!

Hey, guys!! After a little mess-up with the email address, Amber has finally made a blog!! We’re currently working on an Animal Jam adventure marathon, so there’s only one post so far, but please follow this blog for future reference:
Thanks for checking it out!!

Planet Minecraft

I made a Planet Minecraft account a few days ago and have already gotten to level 5. I’m posting lots of skins and a few Minecraft-pertaining blog posts there. My username is Myra_Magnificent if you want to check them out.

Summer 🙂

Awesome Blog!

Hey, guys! My cousin who plays most games with me – Animal Jam, Minecraft, and Diablo III – has finally started a blog. This is the friend whose AJ character inspired Flora Cottoncloud. Yes, the three main characters are actual people. Juniper Spiritbird is mine.
Anyway, please check out her blog. It’s very new, but she’s posting like crazy. The web address is Please take the time to look at this, it would mean a lot to her!!

Summer 😀