Minecraft vs. Animal Jam: Which is better?

Hey, guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days; I’ve had a busy weekend and haven’t really been able to think of anything to post. I then thought about gaming, remembering that I’d quit Animal Jam, and decided to tackle that topic. Which is really better: Minecraft or Animal Jam?

Animal Jam: The Pros
– It’s a very secure, child-friendly, secure website. Very difficult to hack.
– It’s a much more straightforward game than Minecraft, so that people of pretty much any age can enjoy it.
– There’s a variety of different minigames available in the game without having to search around for different servers.

Animal Jam: The Cons
– It’s very easy to run out of things to do, simply running around and playing minigames.
– Much of the game is only available through pay, and even then for a short time.
– The ways to customize your account are very limited.

Minecraft: The Pros
– It’s completely open-ended and can be turned into pretty much anything – an art game, a survival game, or a freestyle building game.
– It’s very difficult to run out of things to do, as every update brings something completely new and not just a differently styled copy of something else, like AJ. Customization is almost limitless.
– It only requires one payment EVER, and there’s no fancy membership options that give some players advantages over others. [Mojang actually made a law-enforced rule against selling pay-to-win items in-game, but that’s for another post.]

Minecraft: The Cons
– It’s an indie game, meaning that it’s more experimental and has a bigger range of options for annoying glitches.
– It’s written in Javascript and is basically a coded document on your computer, making it much easier to hack into minigames and thereby possibly cheating in minigames and inconveniencing other players.
– Some versions of the game are very skill-oriented and may be age inappropriate for kids who would’ve otherwise been Animal Jammers.

My conclusion
I think Minecraft is a better game to play simply because it is so open-ended. Yes, Animal Jam is fun, it’s true, and it’s a better place to just hang with friends, but after months of playing and doing the exact same thing every time you play makes it get old MUCH faster than Minecraft. Yes, Animal Jam is more secure codewise and no one can hack into minigames and cheat, but Minecraft’s java liabilities can also be used to code in other awesome features like new blocks, abilities, mobs, and more. Sorry, Animal Jam, but Minecraft really never gets old.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed checking out my debate between two cool video games, and I hope you’ll keep reading my stuff!!!

Summer ❤


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