My Minecraft and AJ Let’s Play Intro!

Hey, guys!  Flora is going to start posting Let’s Play videos on her YouTube channel at  My voice is not going to be in it, but I’ll be doing it with her as my character on either of the games.  I don’t know when this will start, but we’ve decided to do it at some point.  Be on the lookout for Myra_Magnificent (in Minecraft) or one of three Animal Jam characters:  Snowflake Canyonpaw, Princess Wingedstar, and Little Loudviking.  They’re all me.

Be on the lookout for the videos I’ll post here!  Remember that it’s always Flora talking, lol.

Summer 🙂

Tips and Pointers on Making Your Own Movies

Hey, guys! I thought of this post when I was looking at my friend’s comment on Animal Jam: Bringing Back the Beta. A few years ago, we made a movie with her toy horses called “Secrets of Equestria”. Looking back on it, it was ridiculous, but it helped me learn what I liked in a homemade movie.
First of all, plan out your scenes. We ended up with more than three takes of the first scene, and one of them towards the end was more than twenty minutes long. It will also help the dialogue be less “Hey, what’s up” and more “We have to go save the world from the evil snowmen!!” Okay, I totally made the evil snowmen up, but you get the idea.
Second, arrange the places well. If I’m not clear, two true examples of this from SoE are when a horse named Ashley stuck her butt at the camera at an angle so that it aimed right up the manufacturer hole under her tail and when my friend accidentally put her knee in front of the camera so you couldn’t see anything else. Not kidding. A plastic horse’s privates aren’t exactly what you want to see in a movie.
Third, keep your characters ready! In “Secrets of Equestria”, there’s a five-minute scene where everyone is screaming a character’s name that got lost. The character wasn’t just lost; we actually lost the horse we were using. The other two tips are completely irrelevant if you don’t follow this one. A script isn’t going to do you any good if you can’t find the character to say it!
This goes for movies about humans, too. Keep your costumes on hand at all times. Although this one is a little more geared toward movies about dolls or objects, but it’s still useful for everything else.

Thanks for reading, you guys are so cool!!

Summer 😛

P.S. If you guys want me to, I can tell you the story of “Secrets of Equestria”. It’s decent, I guess, but it’s mostly just funny.