5 Cool Things to Build in Minecraft

Hey, guys!!  I’m so sorry I haven’t posted for so long, but school is starting so soon and we’ve had a busy week.  I felt awful for not posting anything for so long, but I was just about out of ideas, so here’s my post for today: five awesome things you can make on Minecraft!

1.  Your House In Real Life

I don’t know why this one is so fun, but it is.  There’s a weird kind of satisfaction in making your actual house out of blocks.  Invite all your friends over to your server and you can have a sleepover at your house without having to bring them all over to your real house!!

2.  Animal Traps

There are various blueprints for redstone-powered mob traps all over the Internet.  If you can get a spawner inside one, you basically have an infinite supply of meat, and let’s admit it, it’s fun to watch virtual animals trigger virtual traps.  

3.  A Huge Castle

This one may be a bit cliched, but for a reason.  These things are awesome.  You can make them even cooler looking than the Crystal Palace on Animal Jam since you can customize the size so much more easily, and living in your castle mansion is just so fun, whether you’re in survival or creative.

4.  A Statue of Yourself

These things look awesome when they’re finished!  Who DOESN’T want a giant version of themselves overlooking their Minecrafting?  I recommend using white stained clay for skin.  It’s kind of flesh-colored, even though it’s supposed to be white.

5.  Sky Adventure

I think Flora and I may have actually invented this one.  It’s like a cross between a parkour and an adventure map.  There’s a point or a story like an adventure map, and there may even be boss fights or traps to escape, but it’s all on platforms in the air.  I’m currently working on posting my sky adventure, which I named the Myrest, on my Planet Minecraft account.  It’s pretty old – like pre 1.6 old – but it’s still super fun.

Thanks for reading, even though I haven’t posted anything in so long!!

Summer 😀