Animal Jam: Glitch List

Hey, guys.  I wrote this post to bring AJHQ’s attention and seek help for these weird glitches throughout the game.  If anyone from AJHQ is reading this, PLEASE get on it ASAP.  Thanks!

Splash and Dash:  Immobility

The title speaks for itself.  Every once in a while when playing Splash and Dash, your character will freeze in one place and turn unmovable.  It’ll still go over the course, but you can’t go up or down, which usually results in last place.  I found a way to fix this – just make one of the emoticon faces and you’ll be able to play normally – but it’s still a drag for the people that don’t know.  

Text Not Showing

I wrote about this in another post, but it bears repeating here.  Some chat just won’t show up when you’re talking to someone.  It actually caused me to waste three days of my membership.  I just can’t think of a way around this one, so this needs to be worked on pronto.

Random Sliding

This occurs in the Phantom Portal adventure when you walk to a certain point in the cave.  Your screen goes black except for your character, and it slides across the whole map before stopping at the certain point and sliding again.  It makes the adventure unfinishable, and that’s not good considering the difficulty of the previous part.  If anyone can help, please do so.

Chest Lag

I don’t know if this can be considered a glitch, but it makes gameplay hard as well.  In the Forgotten Desert, each money chest you open causes your game to get more and more laggy until at last it takes nearly two minutes to receive gifts for finding chests.  It’s a serious pain, and while it may not be a true “glitch”, it needs to be fixed or you get almost no money from the Forgotten Desert adventure.  

I can’t think of any more off the top of my head, but I’ll be updating this as I discover more.  Animal Jam is an awesome game, but these are extremely annoying.

Thanks for reading!

Summer ^-^


Hey, guys.  Today I will be tearing down a rumor that’s seriously getting on my nerves:  the rumor that opening the chests in the Forgotten Desert lessens your chance of getting rares.

What proof is there of this??  Sure, it gives you a boatload of lag, but it’s playable like that.  Amber opens every chest she gets and then calls everyone else to her to open it, and it doesn’t affect the prizes at all.

I could be wrong.  I haven’t contacted AJHQ about this, but I am almost completely sure it’s fake.  An example of my luck with the chests:  Animal Jam:  Awesome Day.

Seriously, people.  Just a few minutes ago I saw a girl ragequit because someone opened a chest.  It’s stupid and pointless.  I’ve gotten an arctic hood, rare spiked collar, a rare beard, and a bunch of other random rares while getting every chest I find.  If you don’t believe me:


You can’t honestly say that you get non-rare stuff if you get the chests, can you?

Anyway, that’s today’s RUMOR SQUASH.  I may do some more RUMOR SQUASHing if I ever find another RUMOR to SQUASH.



Thanks for reading, lol.

Summer 🙂