Book Reviews: Half-Moon Investigations

If you like kids’ mysteries that aren’t dorky and low-level, this is your book. I got this book for Christmas from my parents; I like the Artemis Fowl series a lot, so I got a couple more Eoin Colfer books for Christmas (this one, The Supernaturalist, and the last two books in the AF series I got with an Amazon gift card). I thought the way all the cases were linked was very smart. He was very good at making a few of the characters wholly hate-able and likable. No offense to Mr. Colfer, but there wasn’t anything that really set this book apart from the other mysteries like the Artemis Fowl books did.
I like the way so many details are only thrown in once, so you have to have a good memory. It makes it more realistic, and I like it that way. This is overall a very brainy and recommended book for those that like books that make you think.
For good plot, masterfully tied-together mystery, and great character development, I give Half-Moon Investigations 3.9 stars.

Thanks for reading!!

Summer 🙂