Animal Jam: Phoenix Armor Disappearing?

Hey, guys. I noticed this a few days ago but never got around to talking about it. Oops. Anyway, the title pretty much speaks for this post: Phoenix Armor is disappearing off of Animal Jam!
This really pushes my buttons for two reasons: number one, I was there when phoenix armor was first introduced, and number two: I have a thing about phoenixes.
I got a little crazy while trying to trade for the armor. I had the feet and the necklace, but I traded four different rares for the helmet, among them a freedom mask and a rare worn. I got the entire set within two days, but I traded quite a bit for them, and it took me forever to find anyone who had the tail. phoenixleopardforblogToday – 6-16-14 – is the last day for the phoenix wings, and I recommend anyone with three diamonds to get them before it’s too late. The helmet and the amulet are already gone!
Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments – I read every one of them!

Thanks for reading! I know this was a little short, but there wasn’t really much to talk about.

Summer ^.^