Movie Reviews: Inside Out

I went to see this movie with Celestia, aka this nerd.  We nearly went to see the new Terminator movie instead, but we changed our minds last minute.  (I’m glad we did, because neither of us have ever seen any of the original Terminator movies.)  I sat myself down with a large bag of Lifesavers and an even larger bag of Skittles and got ready.

I don’t know what I was expecting; I hadn’t seen many trailers other than the teaser one that they started showing really early on. I didn’t know much about the story other than the general setting: five emotions – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust – that existed inside the mind of a girl named Riley.

I have to say, I thought (for a Disney animated movie) this was a very mature and thought-provoking story. It was a very visually attracting movie, with excellent detail in animation and graphics; if you’re looking to see it in theater, definitely go with the 3D showing, because it’s well worth it. The story itself was good, too – Joy and Sadness almost lose Riley’s core memories, the memories that shape her personality, in the vast library of her long-term memory storage, and they go on a (very metaphorical) journey through her mind in order to take the memories back to headquarters. I won’t offer any more spoilers, although I’d like to.

This, as has become Disney’s custom, was, in my opinion, a great family movie, because while kids may be less inclined to get a lot out of the story and climax than, say, a fourteen-year-old, it was nice just to watch. (Especially with a large bag of Skittles and Lifesavers on hand.) If any Disney animator or someone who knows one stumbles across this post, I’d like to say thank you for spending your valuable time making a movie as graphically lovely as Inside Out. Animating isn’t easy (I’ve tried it and couldn’t make more than a very glossy sphere), and this movie looked like it took a whole lot more than a free Blender trial on a ca. 2010 home laptop.

I have to agree partially with a friend of mine that said she felt the story dragged on for too long. It’s true, maybe they could have condensed it a little further, but I didn’t find it difficult to watch at all, especially with a mouth full of candy. Even if portions of it seemed to take too long, it was interesting in and of itself to wonder how Disney would portray another section of Riley’s mind. It was such an abstract thing to put into pictures, and I just love the creativity involved in this.

For outstanding graphics and a really sweet plot, I give Disney’s Inside Out a total of four stars. (I decided to just quit with the decimals. They did nothing but confuse everyone.)

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The Feels: Why the Feels are the Best

Hey, guys!  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while; I haven’t been able to think of anything to write about for a while  *glares viciously at empty post suggestion page*.  Anyway, my inspiration from this post came from this Minecraft skin of mine I posted on Planet Minecraft for a contest.  The theme was things money can’t buy, and since I thought love and friendship were going to be overdone, I wrote a story about a guy and his dead wife.  It was ridiculously depressing, but I was (and am) getting good feedback from my writing.

But why would anyone enjoy reading a story that made them so sad?

Let’s look at the larger picture for a second.  Be honest – you’ve had the feels for a fictional character before.  Whether it was from a book, movie, or TV show, I’m willing to bet that you’ve felt an emotion for a story before, whether it made you happy, excited, nervous, scared, or flat-out sad.  You may not have enjoyed feeling so bad about a person that doesn’t even exist, but the truth is, you probably enjoyed it a lot more than a story that didn’t make you feel anything.

Why is that?  Probably because you like reading stories with relatable characters.  You enjoy reading about people with the same hobbies, interests, and characteristics as you.  It helps you get in the know of the story.  You can understand the characters well, and it makes you connect with them on a whole new level.

Chances are, you’re human (unless you’re a cyborg, in which case, you don’t even GET the feels, so why are you even reading this) and if you’re human, you feel plenty of emotions.  That means that emotional characters with real personalities are more relatable to you, too.  You like well-written stories, and well-written stories mean well-written characters.  Well-written characters mean realistic, relatable characters.  You need a story you can connect with.

But why are emotional roller-coaster stories the best?  You may disagree with me here (especially if you’re not into unhappy fiction) but I think that, if a writer can write a scene or story well enough and realistically enough that you – a living, breathing being – can feel real emotions for it even though you know it’s not real, then that’s a really good author.  They’ve portrayed their characters so skillfully that you feel what they feel, even though they only exist in words on a page.  You forget you’re reading fiction and get into a story like it’s actually happening around you.  And I, for one, think that’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.

So, writers, just remember – emotional, suspenseful stories are the best,  People enjoy them the most, and, I’ll tell the truth here, they’re the most fun to write, too.  The feels are never a bad thing to have in a story!  Invite the feels in.

Thank you all for reading!  Remember, feedback, comments, and ratings are always appreciated – I want to know what you think!

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Minecraft Crashing – Help!!

Hey, guys. Recently – the last couple of weeks, that is – I’ve been having issues with Minecraft and I wondered if any of you can help me.
Here’s the problem. I start Minecraft normally, clicking the launcher and clicking play. I usually get on Got PVP and try to play on my faction, but I’ll be playing just fine for maybe a minute at the most, and my computer crashes. The first time, I got 46 seconds of gameplay. (I timed it.) Just now, I tried to play and got around 15 seconds before it crashed. I’m running on a 2010 laptop and I know it’s not overheating, and I’m fairly sure that it’s an issue with the video card in my computer. I know the problem, but I have no solution. I’ve tried turning down the Minecraft graphics, but it doesn’t help. If you’ve had similar problems or have a way to fix it, PLEASE tell me!!


P.S. This means I won’t be playing much Minecraft until it’s fixed, so no updates on Minecraft gaming stuff and no progress on my faction. Sorry, guys.

Animal Jam: Phoenix Armor Disappearing?

Hey, guys. I noticed this a few days ago but never got around to talking about it. Oops. Anyway, the title pretty much speaks for this post: Phoenix Armor is disappearing off of Animal Jam!
This really pushes my buttons for two reasons: number one, I was there when phoenix armor was first introduced, and number two: I have a thing about phoenixes.
I got a little crazy while trying to trade for the armor. I had the feet and the necklace, but I traded four different rares for the helmet, among them a freedom mask and a rare worn. I got the entire set within two days, but I traded quite a bit for them, and it took me forever to find anyone who had the tail. phoenixleopardforblogToday – 6-16-14 – is the last day for the phoenix wings, and I recommend anyone with three diamonds to get them before it’s too late. The helmet and the amulet are already gone!
Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments – I read every one of them!

Thanks for reading! I know this was a little short, but there wasn’t really much to talk about.

Summer ^.^

Animal Jam: Weird Glitch!

Hey, guys. I made this post because I need help. This glitch has got me several times now, and once in the middle of something very important.
Have you ever chatted with someone and they don’t respond to ANYTHING you say? They’re not ignoring you. I tested it with Amber, and they’re saying all kinds of things. This is the glitch that happened when I was getting my membership from Annabelle, and it resulted in wasting three days of my membership.
If anyone else has experienced this glitch or has any idea of how to fix it, PLEASE tell me!! It’s getting to be extremely annoying, and I will give you and your blog a shoutout if you can give me a working solution.

Thanks for your help,