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Book Reviews: The Maze Runner

Hey, guys! I FINALLY found this book at the library after four weeks of looking, so, needless to say, I checked it out immediately. I expected it to be more of a Hunger-Games-ish sort of story, but, honestly, the book it reminded me most of was Ender’s Game. I mean, seriously. Check it out.

Anyway, I started reading this book, and I noticed the beginning was a little slow. Yeah, they DID have to do an awful lot of setup, but I don’t recommend this if you’re more of an action reader. The book has enough action in it, but it takes a while to get to it. Also, there wasn’t really much character background, even for the characters who’d been in the maze for two years, which really bugged me, but I’ve noticed that James Dashner’s style doesn’t really include too many details.

Also, the scenes involving the only girl in the Glade – Teresa – took maddeningly long to appear at all. She was in a coma for half the book, and when she does appear you’re just sort of thrown into believing that she and Thomas had history before the Maze. The ending, too, was a bit late in the story; you have to read the next book in the trilogy for it to make any sense at all. But there were definitely good aspects about the story as well: the action, once it appeared, was suspenseful and well-written, and everyone acted within character – no one took some crazy leap of faith leaving you wondering why it had to happen at all.

For an awesome backstory, great action scenes, but taking points off for an annoyingly vague style and other various story flaws, I give The Maze Runner 3.7 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped you!!

Summer 🙂