The (Incredible) Story of Our Faction

So Amber and I had the idea of starting a Minecraft faction for TFG’s followers. You probably know this part of the story. We got on GotPvP and set up a faction. We built an underground base, but it was pretty measly – a dirt block with some chests in the corner. Not exactly raid-proof, even though we did have quite a few resources, including half a stack of coal and some cocoa beans Amber found. Sure enough, two days later, I got back on and it was blown up. So I got ahold of Amber and we turned our square of territory into a skybase. We built a wall around it, started a tree farm, and even had a cobblestone generator, which was a bit overkill since it was pretty easy to go down and mine it legitimately. We became familiar with the territory
One day, we killed a member of another faction and he got mad. He teleported a bunch of his faction members in and started attacking. We were forced to use Amber’s /wilderness command to get somewhere away from our base.
We ended up in the middle of some snowy mountains. We started gathering snowballs with the intention of knocking them off the skybase and killing them with fall damage. I was getting worried that we would have to abandon camp and start over in the mountains. Amber firmly stated that we were going to fight for our territory. We ended up wandering around, looking for resources, for two Minecraft days. We found ourselves in the middle of an unclaimed faction village that looked like it had been raided once already. It looked like it used to be a beautiful village, with multiple houses, a water supply, and even a memorial for a sheep named Carl. I was all for setting up base there, but at Amber’s insistence we went back home. The enemy faction had already left, and we started thinking we had a victory.
Then my computer flunked out and I couldn’t play Minecraft anymore. When it was fixed, I got back onto the server to discover that the enemy faction had taken over and destroyed our base. Amber and I fled to the village we’d found earlier. We began redoing the burned-out settlement, fixing the broken houses, laying new roads, planting farms, and basically bringing the place back to life. In two weeks, we had a fully functional village with beautiful houses (all but two of which remain unoccupied). We fixed it all up, ready for more people to join.
I wanted to make our village even nicer, so I went outside the walls to find resources that we couldn’t get within the boundaries. I journeyed through two mountain ranges, three forests, and a desert when Amber decided to join me. Together we went through over the course of three real days – not three days straight, obviously – and, to name a few things, we found some mossy cobblestone, cocoa, and a whole bunch of 1×1 towers going straight up.
Amber was back at the base dumping some of the resources back into the chests when I came across a lilac and a rose bush. I decided to collect them to decorate some of the houses back at home, so I tried to break them. On my screen was the message “You cannot break in the territory of deadjoy”. I was going to warn Amber that we were in someone else’s territory when I realized that the name was familiar. I ventured a little further into the forest and found two more 1×1 towers, or “noob towers” as Amber and I like to call them, and a pillar of water streaming down from them. But these weren’t any noob towers. They both led to a stone platform, and I recognized it instantly. It was our old base.
Now, let’s get something straight. If each Minecraft block is 2 meters, then there’s enough surface area in one Minecraft world to make a real-sized replica of Planet Earth seven times. So the chances of us finding our old base while wandering around randomly? Microscopic.
So now we’re reclaiming our old base and wondering what to do with it. We don’t have an especially populated faction – well, actually, it’s just me and her – but I’m all for keeping it as a way to say “Hey, look, I beat the odds of about a million to one and found something I built a month ago!” If you want to join the faction, comment your username either here or in the “TFG Minecraft Faction” page in the menu bar. We need help to grow and stay alive.

Thanks for reading! I hope this was interesting!!

Summer 😀

P.S. The Carl the Sheep Memorial is still there. We use it for material storage now. Baa.sheepforblog