Sleeping Beauty

Movie Reviews: Maleficent

Hey, guys! I saw this in a drive-in theater a few days ago but didn’t get the chance to review it until now. The last drive-in movie I saw was Hotel for Dogs (I think), and I don’t even kind of remember it.
This movie was awesome. I was hooked from the beginning with the wings. I really like stories about flying things, and this definitely met my specs. The movie was great from the beginning, and things shaped up pretty quick. I was impressed.
The important parts – Aurora’s christening, for instance – were just like Sleeping Beauty, which was quite a feat, since Maleficent was the protagonist of this movie and the antagonist of the other one. My mom and I laughed out loud at the fact that the actor that played the pink fairy – yeah, the pink one – was the same one that did Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter. You know, because they raised the child in a secure, risk-free way.
The ending was awesome. I refused to watch Sleeping Beauty until nearly first grade because the dragon scared me, so I was waiting for that for the whole movie. The scene was awesome, and I loved the ending. This is one of the very first movies that actually made me scared for the protagonist’s life. Usually, it’s pretty obvious that the main character is going to live and the suspense is for his/her well-being or the life of the supporting characters. It was scary, but it made it a good movie for being able to capture my attention like that.
I don’t like awarding ratings like this, just since it’s very difficult to make a top-notch movie that’s perfect for everyone, but I thought all Monday night and couldn’t think of any reason to lower it. For awesome story, unforgettable characters, an awesome ending, and overall an epic storyline, I give Maleficent five stars. No kidding.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful!

Summer 🙂