Cool Things about Minecraft 1.8

Hey, guys! So, today I’ll be talking about the new Minecraft update that was released last Tuesday. It was supposed to come out in June, but Mojang came up with some cool new stuff to add to it, so its official release date was September 2nd. Now, there are a lot of mixed opinions about this update, including its ridiculous lag and the fact that it’s “ruining” Vanilla gameplay, but I personally think it’s a big step forward in Minecraft’s history, and here’s why.

The Skins
Oh my goodness, the 1.8 skins!! I was so excited when they added this. Instead of the old format, in which there was only a 3D layer over the head and the arms and legs had to be symmetrical, the new 1.8 format allows a “hat” layer over the entire body and asymmetrical arms and legs. You may not think this is a huge development, but it’s an enormous change for us Minecraft skinners. It allows so much more to be expressed on one skin. with1.8
Skin WITH 1.8 layer

Skin WITHOUT 1.8 layer

The Mobs

For a lot of people, this is the most noticeable feature in 1.8. Two new mobs were added: the bunny and the guardian. The bunnies come in a few different colors like the horses and behave like ocelots, except that they can be tamed with carrots instead of fish. They spawn naturally in forests and fields and, very rarely, will spawn as “the Killer Bunny of Caerbannog” as a Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference. The guardians spawn in pairs or small groups in the new underwater ocean temple and will try to kill players on sight with laser beams they shoot out of their eyeballs. Minecraft is getting pretty creative, don’t you think?! Also, rabbits will drop rabbit meat, sheep drop mutton, and villagers will replant and harvest their crops.

The Blocks

Several new blocks were added as of 1.8. Three of them, different types of prismarine, can be obtained through killing the guardian mobs mentioned above. There are also six different kinds of stone – diorite, andesite, and granite – with polished versions of each one. Sponge now spawns naturally, and turns into wet sponge when it gets into water. Bouncy slime blocks can now be crafted from slime balls, and there are also several new blocks that spawn in the ocean temples.

The Commands

I honestly know next to nothing about the new commands. Sorry this section isn’t very helpful, but all I know is that they were added. The only commands I know how to use fluently are /summon, /time, and /gamemode, all of which are old commands and not 1.8 features. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, thanks for reading!! I hope this was helpful to you!

Summer 🙂

Minecraft: RUMOR SQUASH!!

Hey, guys.  I posted a little bit about this rumor – well, just the fact of its existence, I guess – in my post The Top 5 Most Useless Items in Minecraft.  Yep, the fact that sponge can appear naturally underwater.

My main reason for this is that I’ve been playing Minecraft for well over a year and I’ve never seen underwater sponge in my life.  Besides, in some servers or older versions, it would soak up all the water around it, and that would look pretty dumb in maps.  There are no naturally occurring sponges in Minecraft, period.  I don’t really see the point of it, personally, since it no longer soaks up water – if it did, it would be useful for creative mapmakers, in case they needed to get rid of a whole lot of water somewhere.

I know this is a pretty weak argument for my point, but there are probably hundreds more that agree with me.  Once doesn’t make a pattern; several servers full of gamers that are positive that sponge doesn’t appear underwater in Minecraft does.



I consider this rumor SQUASHED.  If you have any better evidence, I’d appreciate hearing it in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Summer 😛

UPDATE: In the 1.8 snapshot, sponges spawn underwater in underwater temples. I would have deleted this post since it’s pretty much nonsense now, but the ripples from a deleted post are very annoying ripples indeed.

The Top 5 Most Useless Items in Minecraft

Hey, guys! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday; I had a graduation to go to and it lasted most of the day. I was going to make a Top 5 Rarest Items in Animal Jam, but I decided to do this one instead. Without further ado, my list of the most useless items in Minecraft!

5. Gold

This one is at the bottom of my list because gold can sometimes be useful. It’s rare and decorative, but golden weapons and tools are as useful as wooden ones but with half of the durability. I mean, really!! That’s also like leather armor, but cut in half. You’d need a durability 2000 enchantment on that baby to make it worthwhile. It’s pretty useful for architecture, since it looks great, but practically, it’s just stupid.

4. Diamond Hoes

Diamond hoes are good for pranking friends and making long-lasting hoes, but why waste your diamonds on something that could be achieved with a bunch of wooden ones?? Granted, it’s a fun way to use up rivals’ diamonds but not leave them totally poor, but it’s not a great use for them.

3. Dragon Egg

Okay, maybe dragon eggs can be used for great decoration and possibly hatching dragons in future updates, but they don’t do much. They teleport around and are annoying. They make pretty sweet decoration for map-makers and can probably have some use at some point with some excessive use of command blocks, but in vanilla, they’re space-users.

2. Sponge

This one almost got the #4 spot, but it’s even worse because you can’t make anything with it. Before 0.3, they soaked up water, but now they’re completely useless. I guess you could build with them, but for pixel art, yellow wool is ten times better. I’ve heard rumors that these creative-only blocks can actually be found underwater, but I’ve never seen one.

1. Dead Bushes

They’re good for desert decoration, but nothing else. They’re super ugly, hard to get, and downright useless. This one barely needs to be explained any more. Dead bushes are the #1 least useful item in Minecraft. While some of the others can be used as some kind of decoration, these are ugly and would only be good for the decoration of a desert. Blegh.


Anyway, thanks for reading. Please comment your thoughts on this post!!

Summer :3