Animal Jam: In Too Deep

Hey, guys. I noticed a few days ago that there’s a new adventure on AJ: an underwater adventure called In Too Deep. If you play Animal Jam, you’ve probably already done it if you’re a member, but I only just did it this morning. Like, two minutes ago.
I thought that the whale in the top hat was adorable. I know, off topic, but I liked the whale. Thumbs up for the 200-ton aquatic mammal, AJHQ.
This is an adventure with a really confusing map. I thought Bubble Trouble was claustrophobic, but this one was insane. I had to enlarge the map to get out of the very first part. The phantom-spitting pipes weren’t helping at all. If you’re stuck, the way out and back to the sharks is the middle passage on the left side.
Amber and I both agreed that the factory conductor phantom was way too cute for a phantom. His little hat cracked me up. Unfortunately, the army of phantoms that tried to attack while I was hitting the machine’s OFF button wasn’t nearly as cute. Amber is much more of a fighter than I am; I just run away really fast and try to lose them.
The best surprise was at the end: the DOLPHIN ALPHA!! Okay, it didn’t sit down and say that it was an Alpha, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Tavie the Dolphin Alpha is trapped at the bottom of the phantoms’ headquarters, and my guess is that the next adventures are going to focus on rescuing Alphas. Which is fine with me. I just want to see Peck and Sir Gilbert in one of them!!

Thanks for reading!!

Summer 😀


Minecraft: RUMOR SQUASH!!

Hey, guys.  I posted a little bit about this rumor – well, just the fact of its existence, I guess – in my post The Top 5 Most Useless Items in Minecraft.  Yep, the fact that sponge can appear naturally underwater.

My main reason for this is that I’ve been playing Minecraft for well over a year and I’ve never seen underwater sponge in my life.  Besides, in some servers or older versions, it would soak up all the water around it, and that would look pretty dumb in maps.  There are no naturally occurring sponges in Minecraft, period.  I don’t really see the point of it, personally, since it no longer soaks up water – if it did, it would be useful for creative mapmakers, in case they needed to get rid of a whole lot of water somewhere.

I know this is a pretty weak argument for my point, but there are probably hundreds more that agree with me.  Once doesn’t make a pattern; several servers full of gamers that are positive that sponge doesn’t appear underwater in Minecraft does.



I consider this rumor SQUASHED.  If you have any better evidence, I’d appreciate hearing it in the comments.

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Summer 😛

UPDATE: In the 1.8 snapshot, sponges spawn underwater in underwater temples. I would have deleted this post since it’s pretty much nonsense now, but the ripples from a deleted post are very annoying ripples indeed.

Animal Jam: Bubble Trouble!

Hey, guys.  I got on AJ this morning and discovered that a new adventure had been released:  an underwater adventure!  It took me a while to find the underwater base camp, but when I did, it was very full.  Next to the portal was a seal telling everyone not to do the adventure.  When I asked why, he said it was the hardest.  I got ready for something difficult.

The adventure started the normal way – talking to Liza, preparing to shut phantom pipes and use chompers.  In fact, the whole adventure pretty much proceeds in the footsteps of Return of the Phantoms, but with one twist:  most of the paths are one-way!  

It’s pretty difficult with the one-way paths, but my tip is to check every little corner. You never know where something is hiding. I’ve only done this adventure twice ever and I can’t think of much to say, but it’s pretty simple. Oh, and over at the bottom left of the map, there’s a dolphins-only hatch. I haven’t opened it yet, though.

Thanks for reading! Sorry this was a bit short.

Summer ^.^