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Hey, guys!! Oh my goodness… it’s been SO LONG since I’ve posted anything on TFG!!! I have SO much to talk about, and I don’t know if you want to read it all, but here it is anyway.

I got back on Animal Jam for the first time in, like, a year. A whole lot has changed – too much for me. {2much4me.} My friend wanted his account back, but it still had most of my stuff on it, so I’m pretty bummed about that. I’m still a non-member, which I don’t really care about, but it irritates me that it’s such a pay-to-win game.

Speaking of pay-to-win games, I kind of dropped Diablo III. Actually, it got accidentally deleted when we were cleaning out the computer. Instead, I started playing another RPG instead, and this one’s free: RIFT. It’s not exactly new; I played it back in 2011 when it was fresh out of beta, but at $15 a month it was WAY too expensive to play for long. The good news is, it’s now free to play, except for a couple optional in-game purchases to get more currency, objects, etc. I’ve already played to level 38.

I owned a Minecraft server for about three months, but it got a bit boring, so it’s getting closed. It’s difficult to do anything other than vanilla, and I didn’t really know how to code, so I just played vanilla survival with Amber, Celestia, and a couple people on Planet Minecraft.

Speaking of Planet Minecraft, I got a name change, got to level 45, and rose quite a bit in the popularity scale. My skins have improved a TON.

Well, I guess that’s about it. Thanks for reading my long string of nothingness!


Extreme Minecraft Sadness

My story starts a few months ago when I was on the phone with my friend. My mom was on the computer so I couldn’t get on Minecraft, but said friend was already on and looking for a new server. I got on Planet Minecraft and found what I was looking for: a friendly vanilla server called Casual Vanilla that had the best rules I’d ever seen. My friend scoped it out and said it looked like a good server, so the next day I got on and checked it out. With the help of a few other players, our homesteads grew huge in no time, and so did the server. We had a nether hub with mob grinders everywhere and I had a personal nether portal and tons of enchanted armor and tools. It was awesome.
Then the server owner was talking about turning the server into a Feed the Beast server and shutting down the vanilla one, and of course I didn’t listen to a word he said. He even gave the IP address, but I continued harvesting wheat from my giant wheat farm. I got on the server the next day to find that it had been closed. I tried to remember the IP address he told me, but I failed miserably.
To this day I haven’t found a vanilla server that I loved as much as Casual Vanilla, and I continue to wish that I had remembered the address.
The moral of this story: always listen when the server owner tells you he’s going to shut down the server. By the way, please let me know if you have a good server I can play on!

Thanks for reading, all you awesome people!!