Rift: Exploring the Wardrobe Patch

Hey, guys! As you may have read in my earlier post, I’ve dropped Diablo 3 as my main RPG and started playing Rift instead. For the few of you reading my blog that may also play Rift, you’ve probably been keen on the new game patch: the wardrobe update.

When I first heard about this patch, it didn’t seem like much. Some new clothing looks, another menu for clothes. [I’ll admit, I didn’t go too far into the research.] Sure, I thought it would be cool, but I didn’t expect it would be anything big.

When the patch came out and I got to play it for the first time, I thought it was stupid. The dye merchants in Sanctum and Meridian were gone, replaced by an in-game dye menu. You had to pay credits to get the nice colors. I learned, slowly, that apothecary dyes still worked, and the colors in the menu were nice, anyway. It still seemed pretty pointless. Now you could have two sets of clothing. It didn’t make much sense to have two wardrobe options; why not just wear the best armor you owned at all times? I put all my normal clothes in my wardrobe slot. It felt pretty much the same, albeit with nicer colors.

Then I realized that wasn’t what the update was, and I started to like it more. Now, easy as pie, you could make your character look like he or she was wearing whatever you wanted him or her to. You could even wear something that your class couldn’t normally use – while still retaining the stats of the armor you were really wearing. This worked better than ever at the time, right after I’d picked up a piece of chest armor that had good stats but was ridiculously immodest. [Yeah, sorry, my rant about inappropriate/impractical womens’ RPG outfits will come later.]

In my opinion, this is especially useful for mages and warriors, whose clothing options aren’t exactly pleasing [to me, anyway.] Mages’ robes usually look like they’re wearing bathrobes, especially the lower-level ones; the warriors sometimes look like they’re wearing metal swimsuits. Not exactly advisable if you’re going into battle. Even the weapons are customizable – if you’re tired of your boring dagger or dull staff, exchange it for a swaggy sword that you’d never be able to use anyway!

The wardrobes can be accessed via the character page [press C]. Click on the wardrobe tab on the left side and tinker with your appearance to your heart’s content!

Maybe later I’ll post a picture of my character’s wardrobe, if anyone wants to see it.

Thanks for reading! I hope my review of the patch was useful to you!

– Summer 🙂


Book Reviews: Warriors – A Dangerous Path

I had started reading this series about a year ago and thought it was pretty cool. Unfortunately I read the stand-alone Bluestar’s Prophecy first, followed by the “about-the-book books” Code of the Clans and Cats of the Clans, so I already knew quite a bit of what happened. (For those who are still working on this series, I won’t post any spoilers).
I was going to spend the night at my friend’s house, and we decided to stop by the library on the way. She likes cats a lot, and so was reading the Warriors series Power of Three. We went straight to that section of the library and looked there. I had finished book four of the first series a while back, but my local library didn’t have five and six, but to my delight this one did. I checked out this book and the last one, The Darkest Hour, and read them at her house. I was not disappointed. They were just as good as the previous ones. The mystery, suspense, and action scenes were very well played out and kept me reading. Now, I may not be a huge fan of cats, but I don’t know of anyone that couldn’t enjoy this book. It was obviously angled toward older kids, what with the battle scenes and dark situations, but I enjoyed it very much and can’t wait to start on the next series.

For epic action, great character development, and an awesome storyline, A Dangerous Path by Erin Hunter earns itself four and a half stars.

Thanks for reading!