Movie Reviews: World War Z

Hey, guys. I watched this movie with my dad last night and decided I’d review it here. Okay, it might have been a little old for me, but it was good anyway.
It’s a pretty common movie premise: Weird virus starts in Asia, zombies start attacking everyone in sight, no one can find a cure. Even though it begins as a normal zombie apocalypse film, it’s a good movie. The makeup was very realistic; I could tell that a lot of time and money was put into this movie. The only part I didn’t like was the plane crashing scene – an airline plane can fly perfectly fine on one engine. I guess it was necessary for the movie, though; it would be kind of dumb for the pilot to say, “Whoops, a zombie just got sucked into the engine, let’s keep going anyway!”
I also like the family theme. Action movies about groups are always better than action movies about single people, since with the latter, there’s no question that the protagonist will live and everything will be alright, but with the former, you don’t know who will live and who won’t. The action scenes in this particular movie made even my dad jump, but I have to admit, I found myself laughing at the giant pile of zombies trying to bust into Israel.zombiesforblog
For realistic makeup, good characters, and crazy action scenes, although taking a bit of the score off for the plane crash scene, I give World War Z four stars, but I don’t recommend it for ages nine and under.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was informational!