Hey, guys!!

My name is Summer Thompson and this is my blog. I will be writing about books, movies, video games, and sometimes just nerdy stuff here. I love to read, write, and am a pretty great hardcore gamer when I’m not doing school. The best gift you can give this blog is a like and maybe a comment, so please see what you can do.

This blog has existed since December 15th, 2013. I’ve been blogging for over a year. That’s a lot of randomness for one site!!!

I have two very odd Dachshunds. Sometimes they help me write, but mostly they just squeal.

I love chickens. ‘Nuff said.

Some video games I like to play include:
– Diablo III
– Animal Jam {once upon a time…}
– Minecraft
– Microsoft Word {does that even count?}

Ratings, comments, and likes are GREATLY appreciated on any post you care to leave feedback on! Constructive criticism is invited, and while I kindly ask that you keep the hate (oMG ur blugg is CRAAP LoolOLoll00lololol) to yourself, I won’t throw a fit if it ever shows up. So, if you’re trolling for attention, go somewhere else. Writing prompts and suggestions are also highly wanted. I’m thinking of setting up an ask.fm account to collect blog posts suggestions from my readers!!

Well, that’s about it, for now, at least. This page is subject to change a lot, so check back every once in a while for the newest scoop on le Summer.

Thanks for visiting my site!


      1. It’s a icon showed before the page title. If you enter in my blog you will see that my favicon is the grass texture, like the background. Yours is the default “W” of WordPress.


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