Animal Jam Arctic Wolves: Why Everyone Hates Them

Hey, guys! I had intended to write this post a long time ago, but I never got around to it. I decided it needed to be posted after I saw two jammers sit on the sidelines of a party and grumble about how they hated popular people.
Arctic wolves! Admit it, you’ve been jealous of a snazzy-looking arctic wolf in a headdress or baseball cap from time to time. These are some of Animal Jam’s most charismatic animals, and their players are milking it for all it’s worth. I’m not saying I’m above this; have you noticed my portrayal of arctic wolves in the AJ Story?
But why does everyone hate them? The first reason is because they look so stinking cool. Sure, they look a little dumb in mech angel wings, but with their pretty eyes, tall, fluffy stance, and the whopping number of them wearing baseball caps and chain necklaces, it’s not too difficult to make them look good. Their willowy dance doesn’t help.
They’re at their worst in Best Dressed. I’ve seen arctic wolves dress up in a solid color with no accessories whatsoever and still win first. Has anyone else thought about how people have a tendency to turn into a horde of brainwashed zombies in the face of an arctic wolf???
The second reason is that it makes them look rich and snobby. Not rich in Animal Jam; rich in real life for being able to spend $16 on a computer game. It’s a common prejudice. In an attempt to help things along, I put a character in the story named Sparkle Wingedlily – she’ll appear in Chapter 3 – that totally defies all arctic wolf stereotypes in the fact that she’s sweet, docile, and gets scared a lot.
I’m not saying all arctic wolves are baby angels in disguise. A few days ago I was in Epic Wonders to find an arctic wolf being extremely rude to everyone in the vicinity. I actually resolved it by telling her she was under surveillance, then defining it for her, and we started chatting about syllable counts. The situation ended with full apologies from everyone involved in the argument.

Anyway, I hope this post was interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for reading!!

Summer 😀

Animal Jam Diamond Animals: Are They Worth It?

Hey, guys! In this post, I’ll be talking about something that probably every jammer has wanted: a diamond-bought animal.
These animals are the arctic wolf, snow leopard, lion, kangaroo, cheetah, and eagle. They used to be especially for those for who bought a three-month membership, but with the introduction of the Diamond Shop, they were made available to buy for ten diamonds.
Sure, they’re all super good-looking and you’ve probably been jealous of a really slick-looking arctic wolf from time to time, but is there a real point to them? All animals are just animals, but you have to admit, snow leopards look awfully good in wind armor.
Before the adventures were released, back in spring 2013 when I joined, they were pretty much a pay-to-get-it show-off feature. The day I joined, I saw one in Jamaa Township. My first reaction was to call my cousin. She said that they were beta and you couldn’t get them anymore. About two days later I realized you had to buy them. Then a month after that, the Diamond Shop opened, and things got infinitely easier.
Arctic wolves, snow leopards, and the whole bit are fairly pointless unless you’re going for looks or adventures. The former can open a hatch in the Return of the Phantoms adventure, but I don’t think there’s anything to do with the latter. Eagles, of course, have a whole adventure to themselves, and I’ve seen tons of beards and rare spikes cropping up thanks to them.
Overall, I think the animals are a good thing to spend your diamonds on. They look great and are a serious magnet for parties and trades, and almost anything looks good on any given animal. Eagles and arctic wolves can be useful in adventures, and the rest are unbeatable for let’s-walk-around-and-look-cool days.

Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful and interesting!

Summer 🙂

P.S. Yes, the snow leopard in the image is mine. 😛

Animal Jam Den Portals: My Thoughts

So this morning I got on Animal Jam and discovered the new Forgotten Desert adventure, but another feature in today’s AJ update was something I forgot to mention: den portals. These new portals can be bought for either 1000 or 1500 gems at a shop in the Lost Temple of Zios, depending on whether you buy the wood or stone ones, respectively. I bought a blue stone archway, but it was too big, so I bought a purple wooden floor portal and gave the archway to my friend Amber Samson, who happens to be the same friend that played on Casual Vanilla and was the subject of my AJ prank.
Anyway, here’s my thoughts on the new den portals.
My first thought was, Wow, these are really cool! I was, thankfully, a member, thanks to my friend quitting – I’ll tell more about that in another post – so I saved up enough money to buy one and ended up with the stone archway. I connected it to Amber’s den and tested it out. Sure enough, it worked great, but then I thought, is this just another showy feature?
Come on, you know what I’m talking about. Things like diamond-bought dens, expensive music, and braided beards. Everyone tries to get them because they make them look rich, fashionable, and cool. I’m not criticizing Animal Jam – it would be boring with only practical things! – but the den portals aren’t the most functional of expensive things. Then again, a bright red portal sure does add exactly the right dramatic touch to a wolf-themed volcano den like mine…
Please share your thoughts on the den portals below! I absolutely love hearing from my readers!!

Summer ❤